Aline Muniz New Single

With a beautiful melody, gentle arrangement, and spectacular visuals shot in Bahia, Aline releases her new unreleased single “Lírio”

LÍRIO (“Lily”) is part of the “Aline & Samba” project, which already includes six re-recordings of traditional sambas, and with this, it adds its fourth track, all of them releases individually.

Definitely a revival of quality samba and Brazilian percussion.

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Aline Muniz

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Samba Experience is a project aimed at spreading the traditional rhythm of Samba through a multisensory tasting and itinerant musical performance, which narrates and sings stories about the soul of Brazilian culture. Throughout the show, we offer the audience a taste of the energy, flavors, scents, images, and sounds that envelop the vibrant presence of Samba.

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Aline Muniz




Aline Muniz is a captivating singer and songwriter, a globe-trotter and catalyst for movements with Brazilian roots in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, known for her charm, voice, and mesmerizing stage presence.
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Aline's deep passion for music emerged at a young age. Influenced by the vibrant rhythms and musical richness inherited from her country, she embarked on a journey to share her talent with the world.

Since her debut album, "Da Pá virada," released in 2008, she self-published the album "Onde Tudo Faz Sentido" (2011) and a solo project signed by SonyMusic, "OUTRA" (2015), followed by a compilation called "BPM" (2017) aimed at a more international audience.

In 2019, Aline embarked on a journey to challenge her musical and production skills while living an eco-vegan lifestyle, performing in idyllic destinations around the world.
A new album emerged from this experience, "Aline & Samba," bringing forth some hauntingly beautiful melodies and a high-energy tropical sound.

Aline Muniz has a unique and captivating approach to Brazilian music and delivers a captivating performance. This beautiful journey has brought her an ever-increasing number of fans worldwide, paving the way for her to be well-received as the artist who best represents Brazilian culture at a high standard wherever she goes.
With her vocal style and sophisticated compositions, she brings the best of Brazilian music to the most demanding and competitive global entertainment market.

From the moment Aline takes the stage, her effortlessly soulful voice transports the audience to another realm. With a diverse musical repertoire that spans genres like samba, bossa nova, MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), and jazz, she captivates listeners with her unique style, interpretations, and emotional delivery. In addition to her powerful vocal abilities, Aline's lyrics often address universal themes of love, longing, and the human experience, resonating deeply with her listeners. Her music serves as a soulful reflection of Brazilian culture, blending tradition with a modern touch and leaving a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to hear her perform.
Her presence in the New York music scene has been quite impressive, where she leaves her mark by performing at renowned venues and events such as Joe's Pub, Nublu, Live Nation Headquarters, Rockwood Music Hall, Time Out Market, Highline Ballroom, opening for Vanessa da Mata, as well as opening for Demi Lovato for the ARD Foundation. She also performed at the Brazil Summer Fest, which also led to her performing live on the Fox 5 TV channel, special pocket shows during New York Fashion Week, at the New York Botanical Garden, and at exclusive hotels like Soho House and Casa Cipriani.

Bring your five senses ready to experience elements of Brazilian culture. Aline will be your guide as she performs some exciting and pulsating rhythmic songs. Enjoy this tropical warmth as you connect with the roots of the Brazilian soul.