Aline Muniz

Brazilian Pop Music (BPM)

Brazilian Pop Music (BPM) is the fourth project launched by Brazilian singer/songwriter Aline Muniz and her first international effort.

This very special collection features recordings from Aline’s three previous albums ‘Da Pá Virada’ (2008), ‘Onde Tudo Faz Sentido’ (2011) and ‘Outra’ (2015), plus especially recorded originals and unreleased re-interpretations.


Eu, Você e Mais Ninguém (D3 Rework) is the leading single remix from Brazilian singer/songwriter Aline Muniz' project 'Brazilian Pop Music'.

The D3 Rework was produced by Davor Devcic an acclaimed producer, arranger, composer and multi instrumentalist based in Zagreb, Croatia, leading the eastern European electronic music scene which is gaining massive visibility worldwide.

Eu, Você e Mais Ninguém (Remix D3 Rework)




BPM 2017
Outra 2015


ALINE MUNIZ / BPM (Brazilian Pop Music)

Singer and songwriter Aline Muniz is definitely a complete artist and one of the leading exponents of the new and exciting Brazilian music scene. As the only daughter of acclaimed stage and TV actress Angelina Muniz, Aline has been involved in the world of arts in it’s various manifestations since the age 15.

Her first independent album ‘Da Pá Virada’ was released in 2008 with lead single “Básica” generating huge national buzz and visibility. In 2011 Aline releases “Onde Tudo Faz Sentido”, her sophomore solo effort, which solidified her position among the new generation of MPB (Música Popular Brasileira) artists.

2014 marks the release of ‘Outra’, Aline’s third album, this time supported by Sony Music Brasil. Several singles from the album receive strong radio airplay and the videos for songs “Dançando Com a Vida” and “Eu, Voce e Maisn Ninguém” explode on YouTube reaching well over 200.000 visualizations!

Aline defines her work as ‘BPM’ as in ‘Brazilian Pop Music’, a term large enough to encompass her sophisticated compositional style and musical direction, influenced by Bossa Nova, classic MPB, Samba, international pop music, electronic and chill out sounds, Jazz and more. This musical eclecticism is what gives Aline the ability to create a truly fresh global pop sound.

Currently gearing up to launch her international career Aline is setting up base in New York City and working with respected A&R/Producer Béco Dranoff, to release a digital compilation. The project is set to be released in the early part of 2017 and will include music selected from her three previous releases plus several new and unreleased recordings.

As noted Brazilian music critic and producer Nelson Motta states: “ Aline Muniz shows style and talent”.

And we agree!


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